Common Questions from Residents

All seasons are acceptable for pruning or trimming. However, early Spring and late Fall are the best times.

We do not treat for this pest. If the Ash tree in question is infested, we would request a removal. We do not provide preventative treatments unless a 100% success rate on applications is verified.

Vaida Tree is a chemical-free company and is licensed through the Department of Agriculture to help provide you with diagnosis.

If we discover bag worms, we recommend organic removal. We do not provide chemical treatment or applications. These pests can be found on a variety of trees, pines and shrubs.

Are you seeing Carpenter Ants or what looks like saw dust near your tree? One common misconception is that Carpenter Ants are eating the inside wood of the tree. The truth is the tree has dead tissue on the inside and Carpenter Ants remove this tissue to reside in.

This pest tends to favor Lindens, Bald Cypress and Maple Trees, but are not limited to these specific species. Roses are typical plants targeted by these pests. Starting around June, they are a potential problem for several months. Most often, trees will recover from the defoliation process they undergo during this time.

Topping is malpractice for any arborist. “Water Sprouts” is a term used for multiple branching along a topping cut. This can be dangerous and is weakly attached.

However, while working with Nursery stock for several years, I did top leaders repeatedly on saplings ranging from 12 inches to 5 – 6 feet. The goal was to maintain height, increase caliper size (thickness of the base) and create a strong leader.

Nursery trees with small caliper sizes and significant growth tend to wilt, whereas staking will cause damage. Historically, we’ve had positive results on every species and variety of tree.

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